5 Tips for a successful family spa break

Clearly there’s a lot of hesitation for a spa break with children. But get it right and it can be the most bonding experience for your whole family.

In this blog post we provide you with 5 easy steps for a successful family spa gateway.

Tip no 1: Choose your spa venue wisely

Before booking any random spa hotel which you found being on offer on internet, do some homework and check whether it is most suited for a truly relaxing break. Does it offer family and children activities? Last thing you would want to be doing is entertaining your children while on a spa break!

A spa place of Fairmont St Andrews in Scotland is perfect for families.Itoffers children activities likesoft play, air hockey, games consoles, and a cinema for the whole family. At Auchrannie Resort in the Isle of Arran even moreactivities are available-softplay, an outdoor playground, and pottery painting sessions.As a family you can rideSegways, do gorge walking and archery, or hire a bike. (Auchrannie is so family-friendly that their spa offers packages for children 5+even).

Select a resort where a restaurant offers children’s menu to match your child’s dietary requirements. Fairmont St Andrews in Scotland even caters for different age groups: 0-5-yearolds and 6-12-year olds separately.

Tip no 2: Pick a spa hotel with children’s clubs and creches

Dedicated children’sclubs provide the opportunity for you to sneak off to the spa for some indulgent adult-only time.

At the Grove, Chandler’s Cross, Hertfordshire the kids club is age appropriate and keeps your childrenvery busy. From modelling and workshops to puppet shows, water games in the indoor heated swimming pool, construction and building games, garden discovery and reading a book.

When travelling with a baby or a toddler always checkfor a creche at a spa resort. At Bedruthan Hotel & Spa in Cornwall your baby will be in safe hands of their OFSTED registered nursery staff. Additional babysitting can be arranged should you want to treat yourselves to a late dinner or an evening entertainment, or simply enjoy the views of the ocean.

Tip no 3: Your spa hotel must have family friendly rooms

Choose a hotel with family-friendly rooms like at the Grove just outside London. Their family-friendly rooms and suites are designed so well that a proper relaxation is guaranteed for your whole family.

With toy boxes and interconnecting rooms, cots for babies, bunk beds and single sofa beds for older children, at the Grove roomsare fully equipped to cater for families large or small.

Bedruthan Hotel & Spa in Cornwall is another great spa and beach hotel with a range of family rooms offering partial room dividers between the adult and child beds. Their standard sea view villas have foldaway doors separating the adult and child areas. Their large sea view villas and apartments come with completely separate adult and child bedrooms – this way you shouldn’t disturb your little ones with too much light and noise, but you will still be able to check on them easily. Further facilities include baby listening service in every room.

Tip no 4: Pre-book your spa treatments in advance

With childcare and babysitting already booked, time to pre-book your spa treatments. If you leave it too late, the hotel spa may become fully booked. When travelling with children, making a last-minute decision on whether to have a whole body-scrub or a hydrotherapy treatment for two, may not be so sensible. Bedruthan Hotel & Spa in Cornwall offer around 20 body, face and massage rituals, plus a separate programme for pregnant women, a selection of hand and feet treatments, hammam and an hour of the Sensory Spa Garden experience. When a selection is so great, research, pick and book the treatments in advance so you go fully prepared for your spa break.

Tip no 5: Pack your family essentials for un expected surprises

Going away with children for a few days can be rather stressful. However, if you are going on a spa break, both advanced planning as well as not forgetting to pack the right things are crucial in order to guarantee a de-stressing experience for your family.

Based on our own travelling experience with kids these are three essentials we would highly recommend taking when going on a spa weekend:

1. Bio-Cult Infantis– is a scientifically developed good bacteria for babies, toddlers and young childrenwhich contributes to the normal function of immune system. It regulates a healthy digestive system for those excessive amounts of snacking and protects from germs picked on the go. It comes in sachets so is convenient to use in water bottles, or simply sprinkling on your child’s meals.

2. Good swimwear is essential for a spa break for your whole family. We highly recommend tried and tested Speedo water essentials for youand your children.

3. A Good Read – don’t miss an opportunity to take a good read with you especially if your childcare is covered for the whole weekend. Catch up with some best-selling authors and their novels for this year.


If planned well, you and your partner can get some you-time back while your children are out having thrilling new experiences too.Some spa hotels arewell equipped for families, offering options of family rooms and an extensive range of activities that will keep children of all ages, plus mums and dads entertained.Don’t forget a quality childcare and dedicated kids’ programmes that provide the opportunity for you to sneak off to the spa for some indulgent adult-only time. And last but not least, pre-book spa treatments in advance and pack all your travel essentials to make a spa-weekend with children mission possible!

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