Summer Holidays

There is nothing more fun than a family holiday in the sun in summer. Building a sandcastle, running barefoot on sand, splashing in the sea – these are the best memories of holidays from everyone’s childhood. Choose your next sunny holidays from one of Kotus’family beach holiday destinations for the ultimate relaxation and peace of mind.

For those families who prefer adventure over beach holidays, we offer tailor made family tours. Nothing brings learning to life than the real-world family experiences. Spend a week studying flora and fauna with your children in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Snorkel, hike, kayak, and swim in the Galápagos. If that is not enough, what about meeting with a hill tribe community in Thailand, or experiencing the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and more in nine life-changing days for your whole family? That is what we call the quality family time!